Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A month, 2 days, birthdays and the flu.

Yes, it has been a month since my last post. In my defense May was crazy around here. First I got this horrible flu coupled with strep throat. Then it was my birthday and the very next day my son, my oldest child turned 15!

I don’t feel old, it’s really quite a gift to watch him become the man he will eventually become and as for me? Well 38 is a good age. Wrinkles are there but not too terribly pronounced. I have enough life behind me to make better, (not perfect) choices. I’m happy being who I am. Besides, playing with glue and glitter keeps one young!

Here’s a project I did for Art Declassified using a new stamp created by Donna Downey.

I started by stamping the image into clay I then painted it and the canvas. Adhered it to the canvas. The wings are also made from clay and are part of the Identity Femme set.

Doused it in black glitter and finished by creating an easel back from a bent Invis-A-Link.

Love these things, they’re so versatile!

Bet you though that since so much time has passed that I had forgotten about the winner of the last RAK but I didn’t.
Robin, look for a little something coming your way in the mail.
Want to get something other than bills in the mail? Just reply to this post and I’ll drop your name in a hat to have a chance at this cute little stamp set from Inque Boutique.

Speaking of Inque, here’s an easy project to make for yourself or someone else.
A purse sized business card holder made from two magnets.
I used the ones the ones with advertisements on them that are sometimes
on the front of phone books.

I'm off to enjoy the weather and spend some time at the part with the kids.
Have a good one!